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Our Technology

Our Technology

Technology that Stays and Pays

We leverage the use of latest technology to take your business to the next level.

As your technology partner, we believes in giving you nothing but the best. We use the most advanced technologies for design and development of websites and applications. Our proposed solutions are not just customized as per client requirements, but also highly cost-effective and results-driven.

Science clears the field upon which technology can build

As a leading provider of web solutions in India, Software Labz focuses on the use of latest, high-end technologies that govern the functioning of websites.

Open Source is one of the most fitting examples of how technology can change the face of web development, thus giving e-businesses the power to 'make it click', irrespective of their sizes and budgets.

A development methodology offering free, practical accessibility to a product's source, Open Source is a boon for developers, from developers. It allows you to use and run programming languages without bothering about licensing and trademark issues. Not just that, Open Source can also be conveniently used in video streaming, XML, Ajax, JavaScripts, etc.

At Software Labz, we make judicious use of freely-available tools and technologies that support both Linux and Windows platforms. We work on the following technologies to develop website applications as per client requirements:

25 Drupal

Content Management System

26 WordPress

Blogging Tool / Website Development

27 Magento

E-commerce Software

28 Codeignitor

Open Source, CGI/Perl, PHP, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML, XSL

30 PHP MVC Framework

Open Source, CGI/Perl, PHP, WEB Logic, JavaScript, XML, XSL

31 Open Cart

Shopping site

32 Prestashop

Shopping site

If you wish to build your site in quick time and at a low cost, Open Source will cater to your discerning needs. Allow Software Labz to be your technology partner in all your online endeavors and we will ensure your returns on investment are maximized in no time.

Learn about Software Labz and our commitment to delivering projects that allow you to experience quality of work in more meaningful ways, including how our quality work helps your business.

Discover Software Labz in the use of technology. Learn about Labz commitment to delivering of quality work. And explore how you can boost your business with one of the best web development company.

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