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MLM Software Development

MLM Software Development

MLM Software Development

Multi Level Marketing or MLM software; a software that can change the way business is done. Software Labz provide expert multilevel marketing software and network marketing software to companies which are serious about success. We have developed numerous Multilevel/Network Marketing software applications for multiple industries. Our product is a complete solution, suitable for retail products, wholesale applications and financial services. It is designed to take care of all the multilevel marketing chain and its coherency with accounting activities.

MLM software is specialized; that it is not possible for any software fits all MLM projects/requirements. So we customize all MLM software to match each client's needs. Our software suite helps you to streamline all your efforts without any trouble. Our MLM Application describes the tools to manage and organize MLM accounts. This allows you to track your customer, as well as organize the reports of sales, revenue and profit.

The feature allows the admin to change the discounts and commission structure for people at various levels of the MLM tree at any time. The administrator sets an "effective date" for each change, and the system uses the new structure for calculation of any transaction occurring after that date.

Other features of our MLM Software suite include:

Administrative Features User Features
  • Create / Edit Profiles
  • Record / View Transactions
  • View User Summaries
  • Alert Notices / Reminders
  • Brochure Design Services
  • Advanced Transaction Reporting Tools
  • Remove People from Tree
  • Re-assign Parent
  • Graphical View of Tree
  • Secure Login
  • View Current Account Balance
  • View Monthly Earnings Summary
  • View Transaction Details
  • Brochure Design Services
  • Portal / dating / gallery site development
  • Graphical View of Down-line

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