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E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

Unsurprisingly, E-commerce development has assumed enormous importance in the modern day business world. It has helped commercial units as well as end-customers to break the barriers of time and distance to sell, buy and transact business. E-commerce has made the entire world look too small.

Retailers are coming online and are looking for secure and flexible way of selling their products. Ecommerce has allowed users to shop online easily and with more security.

Software Labz offers turnkey ecommerce solutions from complete design, front-end development to backend development. Our store management solutions include catalog management, inventory & stock management, vendor management, discount & gift coupons, shipping & tax profiles, order management & customer management. We also offer comprehensive reporting options with our solution that gives you a clear picture on your sales, P&L, bestsellers, key customers etc.

We understand the security concerns and risks and we provide help getting your website PCI Compliant. We implement high encryption SSL Certificates to secure the transactions and sensitive data transmitted over your website.

We make all possible attempts to ensure your customers feel secure and comfortable shopping on your website.


Our E-commerce solutions include the following stages:


In this stage we analyze what you want to achieve through your e-commerce site, your target market and you competitors. Based on this study, we formulate a basic plan for the development of your site.


In this stage, we try to analyze your competitors. An intensive competition study is done to understand how they are approaching their market, what worked for them, what did not work for them, etc.


After all the research and planning, we finally sit on the drawing board to chalk out a plan for your web presence. Our primary goal is to give you a distinct look and feel, a smooth delivery system and ensure maximum returns.


We at Software Labz respect deadlines. We ensure that your project is delivered within the stipulated time. Our technical team provides you with the necessary support to successfully launch the site and for any troubleshooting, if required.

Benefits of a Successful E-Commerce Site

Traditionally, an e-commerce site was an online platform where you could buy or sell products and services. In today's scenario the term has come to acquire greater associations. E-commerce now includes the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services.

10 Major Benefits of an E-Commerce site include:

Expanded marketplace Your reach increases to include hitherto undiscovered markets.

11 Cost Reductions

You cut down drastically on your operational costs.Productivity improvements: Your conversions improve manifolds.

12 24 X 7 Trading

With an e-commerce site your business is functional 24 X 7, 365 days a year.

13 Customization of Products/Services

You can now customize products/services as per your customers' requests

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