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Mobile App. Development

Mobile App. Development

Mobile App. Development

Software Labz is also working as Mobile App development company offering mobility solutions to its clientele with iPhone application development, iPad application development and Android application development.

Whether you are looking to

  • Develop a Mobile Product for millions of users
  • Solve a Business Problem with Mobility Solutions
  • Extend your Web based business to Mobile

Our team can help you with that. We suggest the right platform & solution for your requirement. Our team has good experience working on various categories of applications in iPhone/iPad and Android which includes:

  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Games
  • Utility application etc.
iPhone/iPad Development

Labz is one of the leading Mobile App development company offering mobility solutions to its clientele with iPhone application development, iPad application development and Android application development.

Android Development

Android is one of the most versatile open source mobile OS by Google that is run on a variety of Mobile Devices. Android application uses the versatile Google Android OS platform known for its intuitive and imaginative design, compatibility with multiple networks and the potential for game-changing applications.

Mobile Site Development

The number of users accessing the Internet with their phones is growing exponentially and we have to live with that situation. It is therefore becomes wholly necessary that your website is properly formatted to facilitate quick and easy browsing over smartphones & tablets and we know the art of doing it.


Mobile Application Development is a new age field in India, which requires both technical knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of the end-user. Moreover, mobile application development on different platforms requires different approaches - an iPhone App is developed very differently from a Blackberry App. At Labz, we have dedicated teams for each of the major mobile platforms- iPhone, Blackberry and Android.


You want to develop a native application, which will leverage the specific functionality of the platform or you want to make a web app that will operate and render inside the mobile browser that comes with your phone- these are important decisions which one has to make while developing a mobile application.


A mobile app is much more than viewing your website on your mobile phone. It has an altogether different UI/UX paradigm which is different for different platforms. Which information from your site will go on your mobile app, which information will be truncated, the information flow; all these decisions form an important part of our process.


Each app that is developed at Labz goes through several rounds of testing. We do not deliver a project till the time we are sure that all security measures are in place and all loopholes have been plugged.


We look forward to establish long term relationship with you. Our support team ensures that your app is launched successfully and you meet your targeted goals.

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